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Guido Andlovitz

Guido Andlovitz (1900-1971) is born in Grado, near Trieste, Italy. At the outbreak of World War I, the Andlovitz family moves to Florence and then, at the end of the war, Guido goes to live in Milan where he will attend the Polytechnic and then the Academy of Brera.

In 1925, Guido Andlovitz begins his collaboration with the SCI Società Ceramica Italiana di Laveno (Laveno Ceramic Society), a partnership that will last well over the 60s. Andlovitz takes care of Laveno’s new image and products, making it immediately leap to the foreground in the production of artistic ceramics and china in the 20s. The Andlovitz decor is definitely sign of his times, there are clean lines and curves alternating with straight lines just shaded by screen printing. Andlovitz has contributed to the change and to the training of the taste of the Italian people, producing objects that everyone daily used.