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Archyvio was created in New York by Lilya Turki and Antonio Fazio, and is now established in Switzerland. They are both creatives and designers who have many years of experience in brand communication, design, fashion and publishing.

Their interest and passion for form, textures, design and craft has led them to collect and search for objects and people who stir their curiosity for many years.

Lilya Turki is a Swiss-Tunisian Creative Director, born in Switzerland. She has worked in Paris, London and New York for a diverse range of clients, from individuals to renowned brands and institutions, focusing primarily on creating editorial content and developing  brand communication and strategies.

Antonio Fazio is a multi-disciplinary Italian Designer, born in Switzerland. He has worked in Switzerland and New York for different companies and industries from brand identity to watch design. He also lectured product and visual design in Paris for two years.

Selected clients

Tiffany & Co


Marie Claire 




What we do

Archyvio is crafted as a way to showcase the beauty of existing objects from around the world; a gallery of objects for people to observe and enjoy, to learn from, and to purchase. What unifies and connects our curation of objects - all sourced from different times and destinations - is either colors, shape or texture. An object created sometimes several decades ago, in a specific culture and era, can continue to be relevant today, when adapted to contemporary decor.

Our collection represents a universal, timeless language, like an alphabet made of shapes and colors. We aspire to preserve these objects, occasionally repairing them, finding them a new interior and a new owner who will write another chapter of its story.


We only source existing objects, crafted most exclusively by hand during different eras. Sometimes, these objects may need to be repaired, in this case we only work with specialist artisans and skilled technicians to ensure correct authenticity when reconstructing those pieces.

This is a very important element for us, as we want to share what we value on a daily basis and present the work of dedicated individuals. People who believe that the beauty of an object is to help him to go through the years and hardships, embrace its story by repairing the breaks of time but not the traces of its story.

Our packaging and wrapping materials are responsibly produced and recyclable. The little “Thank you” cards that you will find in your package has been handmade by Pascal Jeanjean, a Belgian paper manufacturer ( The paper we use is completely biodegradable and can be transformed into flowers by following the instructions on the back of the cards.

The New York Times Style Magazine

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