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Hans Hedberg

Hans Hedberg (1917-2007) was born in Köpmanholmen, Sweden. A few years after the war, he arrived in Capri in 1947 where, despite his painter’s background, he quickly became fascinated by the island’s tradition of pottery. Then he spent two years at the Istituto d’Arte della Ceramica in Faenza - the famous centre for the production of faience - where he was the first foreign postwar student.

In 1949, he moved to the South of France in Biot, close to Vallauris, where he established his studio and kiln. Hedberg rapidly became one of the best-known artists in the area. Picasso, Léger and Cocteau visited his studio, while Chagall stayed as a student for three months. In this environment he began to experiment with new glazes and enamels, reproducing mottled natural patterns.