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Hertha Bengtson

Hertha Bengtson (1917-1993) was born in Blekinge County, Southern Sweden. She was a Swedish potter and glass artist. Having originally trained as a school teacher, Bengtson began work as a pattern-designer at Hackefors Porslinsfabrik in 1937.

In 1941, she worked at Rörstrand where she became one of the leading designers. Following a change of ownership at Rörstrand in 1964, Bengtsson moved to Höganäs Ceramics continuing her work with stoneware.

In 1969, Hertha worked as a freelance artist and designer for 12 years with the German porcelain giant Rosenthal. In the 1990s, Bengtsson started her work with glass. She rented a studio in Strömberg where she created a range of unique works in clear and strong colours.