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Kjell Bolinder

Kjell Bolinder was born in the Höganäs area in the south of Sweden in 1942. The region has a long and rich tradition in the Art of ceramic. Kjell started his carreer in the sixties in the close surroundings of his home.

He is well-known for his perfectionist nature, delicate forms, and magnificent glazes. He specializes in unique stoneware pottery in classical thrown forms with magnificent glazes. Kjell uses self-made clay and experiments frequently with different glaze compositions in his specially built gradient oven. It usually takes a few years before he is satisfied with a particular glaze.

Although he is most famous for his delicate haresfur glazes, he also masters the art of ancient Chinese, crystal, manganese, and molybdenum glazes. Kjell Bolinder is represented at numerous museums around the world. He is generally considered the leading contemporary ceramist in Sweden.