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Lavenia - Società Ceramica Italiana di Laveno

Founded in 1856 in Laveno (near the Lago Maggiore shore) by Revelli, Caspani and Carnelli, the Italian Ceramic Society (S.C.I.), under the artistic direction of renowned personalities, distinguished itself worldwide for its creations that have taken many different forms. Thanks to the merger with the Richard-Ginori company in 1965, the dishes of the society began to be exported overseas and graced the dinner tables of large cruise ships. The genius of the artistic personalities determined the true success of the company. In this continuous flow of inspiration, the work of the artistic director Guido Andlovitz exchanges with the ideas of the great designer Giò Ponti, who was active in Richard-Ginori even before the merger.

In the late Forties, Antonia Campi joins the company as a decoration worker. Immediately, Guido Andlovitz notes her ability and potential qualities, and moves her into the artistic department. She designs hundreds of objects of extraordinary artistic value and innovative character in less than a decade, becoming one of the best known ceramic designers.