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Gunnar Nylund

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997) was a Danish ceramist and sculptor active both in Sweden and Denmark. Nylund worked across multiple media, including glass and metal, but he is well known for the industrial tableware that he produced throughout his career at Rörstrand.

In 1925, Nylund started to work as a ceramist at Bing and Gröndahl, a porcelain manufactory in Copenhagen until 1928 and establish his own workshop, called Saxbo, together with his colleague Nathalie Krebs the same year. Nylund was hired by Rörstrand’s chief executive Fredrik Wehtje, and remained at Rörstrand from 1931-1955, serving as their artistic director for the majority of his career.

In 1955, Nylund became the artistic director at Strömbergshyttans glassworks in Sweden and in 1959 he returned to Denmark to work at Nymölle Potteries as their artistic director. Nylund’s final project was to establish his own studio in Malmö, which he called Designia, where he was mainly working on glass design and metalwork sculpture.