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The faience factory of Saint-Clément, located at 12 kms from Lunéville, was the second factory founded in 1758 by Jacques Chambrette. With this new factory he aimed at the higher segment of the market with prestigious objects. The factory received the label as Royal Supplier for Marie-Antoinette’s Trianon. 

In 1922 Edouard Fenal, who already owned the earthenware factory in Badonviller, became the new owner of the Saint-Clément and Lunéville factories. He established the “Atelier d’Art de Lunéville” and hired artists such as Lachenal, Bussière and Majorelle. The sculptors Charles Lemanceau and Georges “Geo” Condé joined the ceramists Joseph and Pierre Mougin and created Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles earthenwares. Nowadays Saint-Clément is the only earthenware factory that is still active in France.

The factory is now part of the Sarreguemines group and employes 130 persons. Since 1968 in this factory Lunéville earthenware has been created under the name “K.G. Lunéville”.